So unfortunately, your best friend has decided to get married, and now you have to execute the tedious task of finding the right gift for your friend. You have been best friends for years, and even after knowing him or her for almost a decade, you still have no idea what could be the best wedding gift for your best friend. And as a rule of thumb, the uniqueness and price of your gift are directly proportional to how strong the friendship is (sorry, we don’t make the rules), so a gift card, photo frame, or utensils are a big NO. So what can you buy that is both unique and does not poke a hole in your pocket?

In this blog, we will talk about the best wedding gifts you can give to your friends or loved ones that are unique and affordable. We will also suggest to you one of the best decor shops to buy your perfect wedding gift.

What should you not buy as a wedding gift?

When choosing a wedding gift, for your closest friend or distant relative, there are some things that must be avoided at all costs. It’s important that the gift you choose is thoughtful and reflects the couple's personalities. Times have changed, and a gift that was relevant during your parents wedding might not work now. Here are a few gift ideas that you must stay away from:

  1. Giving gag gifts that are offensive or inappropriate, even if they are your closest friends. Stick with something thoughtful and unique.
  2. Gifts that are too political.
  3. Second hand items, or worse, gifting something that you received as a gift from someone else.
  4. Personalised gifts are a great option, but make sure that the design is according to their liking and that their names are not misspelt (if their name is written on the gift).

Remember, don’t give anything that you would not want at your wedding.

5 items that can make the best wedding gifts

Spiritual wall art

Spiritual wall art can be a great gift idea, especially if the couple are spiritual individuals. Spiritual paintings or wall arts are known to attract positive energies and create a calm and relaxing environment. A ganesha wall art as a gift can be perfect as they begin their new life. Radha-Krishna wall art can also be a great gift idea, as they symbolise love.

Dinner sets

A dinner set for a gift is another thoughtful idea. They are a classic wedding gift idea that can be used regularly by newlywed couples. Every meal may feel like a celebration when a gorgeous set of plates, bowls, and glasses are used. Moreover, dinner sets are a flexible present that can range from formal to informal and from the most expensive to the least.

Meditating Buddha statue

While this is not a very common gift, it can be a good option for a couple who follow Buddhism. It can also be a great gift for a couple that are into meditation or yoga, as the meditating Buddha statue represents serenity, tranquillity, and inner harmony, and it inspires individuals who practise meditation to achieve mindfulness. Overall, this is not a common gift idea but definitely a unique one, depending on the couple's personalities.


Paintings are one of the most luxurious gifts that you can give to your loved ones. A painting can elevate the decor of a house in an instant. It can make the house look more royal and aesthetically appealing. Both Indian art paintings and modern art paintings are great gift options, especially if the couple are art enthusiasts. One thing to remember is that paintings are expensive; hence, keep your budget in mind before deciding on gifting a painting.


There are many wonderful wedding gift options to select from, but the best ones express your thoughtfulness, admiration, and love for the newlyweds. Whatever present you choose, the most essential thing is that you give it with sincerity and delight, knowing that it will be an invaluable gesture that the newlyweds will remember for the rest of their lives.

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