In this modern business world where employee retention has become extremely difficult, corporate gifts can act as a sign of trust and goodwill between the employer and the employees. The practise of exchanging gifts in the business world is not something new. It has a rich history and was used to strengthen business relationships. With so many e-commerce websites that provide personalisation services, many businesses have turned towards personalised corporate gifting options. There are many websites that can provide you with personalised corporate gifts online in India. In this blog, we will talk about 5 gift ideas that will be perfect for your employees or clients. We will also talk about the best place to buy corporate gifts online.

How to choose the perfect gift for your employees

  • The first step to buying the perfect corporate gift is to know your employees. Consider their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, and their lifestyle.
  • Choose the gift according to the occasion. For example, a Ganesha idol can be a perfect gift idea during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Or, buying brass diyas can be a good gift option during Diwali.
  • You can choose to personalise the gift to add more meaning to it. You can add recipients’ names or write a personalised message for them.
  • Choose a gift that will be useful to your employees.

5 unique corporate gift ideas to make your employees happy

  1. God idols

    Giving a God idol is a meaningful gift, especially in a country like India, where people have strong religious beliefs. Although it’s important that the idol you give your employees align with their religious beliefs. Another thing to keep in mind when buying God's idols is that they are made by skilled craftsmen with good-quality materials. For example, you can buy a Dhyaan Buddha statue or a Shiva statue online from Satguru’s.
  2. Wall art

    Wall art like paintings, metal frames, or clocks can be good options to give your employees. Wall art is an essential part of any home decor that instantly adds to the richness and luxury of any space. For example, you can give an Indian traditional painting to an employee who loves Indian art. This motorcycle art nouveau can be a good gift option for a motorcycle enthusiast.
  1. Personalised mugs

    Mugs should be a staple in any office. No office can survive without at least two mugs of tea or coffee per day. You can add employees' names or initials to the mug. You can also go one step further and print employees' images on the mug along with personalised text.
  1. Art pieces

    Art pieces or showpieces are another great corporate gifting option. Employees can use them on their office desks or include them in their home decor. Art pieces convey emotions and values. You can gift art pieces whose values align with your business. For example, a meditating astronaut, an ex-deer, a sleeping cat, and a headphone dog from Satguru’s can all be excellent gift options.
  1. Wellness products

    Encourage overall health and happiness with presents that put an emphasis on fitness and unwinding. This may be aromatherapy diffusers, fitness trackers, meditation applications, yoga mats, or subscription boxes for healthy snacks or other self-care products.


Corporate giving is an important tool for establishing and maintaining ties with employees. You may leave a lasting impression by carefully selecting the proper gifts, taking into account the tastes and needs of the recipients, and matching them with the values and identity of your firm.

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