things to consider when buying a Ganesha idol:

Material of the idol

Believe it or not, different materials used to make Ganesha idols can have different impacts on your household. For example, a Ganesha idol made from brass is known to bring happiness to the household, while a Ganesha made from silver is known to bring fame and prosperity. Considering the silver Ganesha idol brings prosperity, it can also be used in your office cabin.

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Direction of the trunk

YES! The direction of the trunk also matters. The trunk on the left side is an idol for home as it is known to attract positive energies in the house, while the trunk on the right hand side, which is also popularly known as "Siddhi Vinayak," should be worshipped during rituals and religious ceremonies.

Pose of the idol

You may have seen Ganesha idols in different poses. Well, each pose has a significance. Let’s talk about different poses in brief:

Sitting Ganesha: This is one of the most common poses, with one leg folded and the other on the ground. The classic design has Lord Ganesha sitting on his throne with modak in his hand and a golden crown. It is known to bring calmness and prosperity to the household.

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Standing Ganesha: The classic version of the standing Ganesha idol shows Ganesha standing with one leg on Mushak ji and the other on the base. The idol has four hands that hold a modak, a lotus, an axe, and a half-broken tooth. This pose represents strength and determination.

Dancing Ganesha: In the Nritya Ganapati pose, the idol's one leg is in the air while the other is on the ground. Just like dancing, this idol represents celebration and enthusiasm.

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Tips for buying and displaying a Ganesha idol

Size: Take into account the idol's size in relation to the area where you intend to set it. Make sure it fits snugly without crowding the space.

Quality: To ensure that your idol lasts longer and maintains its beauty over time, invest in a high-quality idol.

Display: Put the idol in a spotless, holy area, such as an altar or a room used for prayer. With flowers, candles, or other donations, you can adorn the area.

Respect: Show reverence and dedication to the idol. Keep it off the ground and away from any unsuitable areas.

Maintenance: Keep the idol clean and take good care of it to avoid any damage.


The Ganesha idol is regarded as the remover of barriers and the giver of prosperity and wisdom. Material, size, symbolism, quality, and respect are all elements to consider when selecting and presenting a Ganesha idol. Individuals can honour the cultural and religious significance of this beloved deity by approaching the purchase and display of a Ganesha idol with mindfulness and respect.

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