The living room is considered the most important room in any house. It is a room where all family members gather after a busy day to relax and talk about their day. It is believed that a well-decorated space generates positive vibes, which are important to create that relaxing and comforting atmosphere.

Showpieces are a great way to bring charm and elegance to your living area while also expressing your originality and creating a focal point. Showpieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, ranging from sculptures and vases to decorative accents and artwork.

In this blog, we will delve into the realm of showpieces for the living room and suggest some showpieces from Satguru’s that can be an excellent addition to your living room.

Showpieces you can buy for your living room from Satguru’s

Satguru’s is a decor shop based in Mumbai that has an amazing collection of home decor items, including showpieces. They are one of the best home decor online shopping platforms in India that sell decor items at affordable rates. Here is a list of nine different showpieces that you can buy for your living room:

  1. Love Bird on Branches: This love birds on branches in a round circle can be a cute addition to your living room. Birds are a symbol of love and freedom, and they can add a warm and modern feel to your living room.
  2. Meditating Astronaut: This cute little thing can become your kids favourite decor item. Made from resin, this piece shows an astronaut meditating on the moon. Buy this NOW as it gets out of stock in the blink of an eye.
  3. Modern Radha Krishna Sculpture: This sculpture is a modern spin on the classic Radha Krishna story that shows their lives intertwined with each other. This piece can be an ideal addition to your living room. It can also be the perfect wedding or housewarming gift.
  4. Standing Namaste Monk: This piece is a sculpture of a little monk Buddha. This adorable piece can be placed on your coffee table or work table.
  5. Sleeping cat: This one is special. This cat art piece is made with such precision that the cat looks alive. This piece will steal your heart if you are a cat lover. The sleeping cat looks adorable and has a feeling of calmness and relaxation. A great addition for your living room.
  6. Saira World Map: This art piece is for travellers and wanderers. This beautiful world map will definitely add charm to your living room. Close your eyes, put your finger on the art piece, Bravo! You have found your next travel destination.
  7. Semi Precious Rose Quartz Tree: Rose quartz is an excellent crystal for attracting your soulmate. It can make a lovely showpiece in the shape of this lovely tree. This can be a great addition in your living room.
  8. Elephant Ear/Mouth/Eyes Closed: This piece portrays Gandhiji's principles of "hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil." Except instead of monkeys, there are three adorable elephants. Elephants are also admired for their wisdom and power; as a result, according to Vastu Shastra, having an elephant statue in your home or office is very auspicious.
  9. White flower vase: This aesthetically appealing flower vase can be used to fill out the empty space in your living room. Additionally, you can put some flowers in this vase that will make your living room fragrant. You can place this on your table with coffee mug sets around the vase.


The addition of a showpiece in your living room gives your house more personality, flair, and charm. It is a good way to express yourself and make a bold statement. A well-thought-out and unique art piece can spark interest and complement your home's style.

Aside from show pieces, Satguru’s also sells home decor items like Indian art paintings, wall art, dinnerware, and God idols. They have both physical and online stores, and they ship their products throughout India. Visit their online store to learn more about their products.